Welcome to the SCJP noteswiki (studynotes in the form of wiki). You will find here lot of resources that help you preparing for the SCJP exam. I have just started building this site. The exam that I cover and start from is 310-055. I will be using Java 5. Please note that I am not writing something new here. This site is just an attempt towards providing a very good notes for the latest version of SCJP exam. Hence, whatever I write here, it is from some of the books that I read. Don't worry, I will also mention their names with links to buy them.
OK..thats a very brief intro about this site. I hope to receive a good feedback and visits. :)
Thank you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Which book do you follow?
    • The one by Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates. You can search Amazon
  • Is it available for free?
    • Yes ;-)
  • Any other books?
  • Did you post any code here?
    • Yup! Check the topics.
  • How much latest this site is?
    • Very latest. Though it is not updated very regularly unless I get some free time or energy. I have started writing and I hope it continues.
  • Can I contribute?
    • Why not? Most welcome. :-)
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